Coady Culha is a renowned Los Angeles-based fine jewelry house, withexpertise in bespoke creations, founded by Montana Coady and Bert Culha in 2011.

Montana and Bert were serendipitously connected through a mutual friend who recognized their shared values for unequivocal beauty and rarity. Bert hails from a family with deep roots in the diamond industry and uses his expansive network and knowledge to secure rare cut, high-quality stones through his trusted sources. Montana, who received her GIA certification in 2010, leads the design process with a discerning eye and painstaking attention to detail. Each design elicits an air of intrigue while harnessing the natural beauty of each stone. Together, Montana and Bert combine their distinct expertise in design and gemstones to create exceptional jewelry that is both emotionally evocative and meticulously handcrafted. Their decision to keep their production in Downtown LA at one of the most coveted production houses in the country pays homage to their hometown.

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